Finances Re. Sessions


Services are self-pay.  This includes psychotherapy, coaching and intensives.  Persons who are being treated for a diagnosable mental health condition may request a superbill receipt for their payment which they can submit (see below) for reimbursement according to their plan benefits.  There is no guarantee of coverage, and clients are fully responsible for the entire fee at the time of service.  Payment is by cash, check or credit card if needed. 


I value your privacy.  Providing a mental illness diagnostic code to receive insurance reimbursement stays a part of your record with bureaus that share information between insurance companies.  This can affect risk assessment for certain types of employment or future insurability, such as life and disability insurance. 

Treatment parameters:  I do not wish to compromise the provision of care for what you need to the approval of  health insurance panels that place limitations on your treatment.

Hence our business model:

I am a non-participating provider for most insurance plans, do not take “assignment” of benefits, and am not third party to insurance.    Upon informing you of the benefits and risks, upon request, we provide a superbill which clients may submit to insurance themselves, as well as receipts for employer funded plans, HSA’s, flex plans, etc.  Relationship distress often is not insurance coverable.  There is no reimbursement from Medicare, BadgerCare, Medicaid, or Tricare, as well as any HMO plans that require you to go to in-plan or to contracted providers, which I am not.  Please call for more details.

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