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Fortitude in Marriage

Fortitude (Perseverance) is an indispensable necessity. It faces the adverse situations in life: the negatives inherent with one’s state of life; the conflicts and setbacks that inevitably arise, the stumbling blocks on the road. Fortitude takes them on with positive endurance; seeks out tools to use, and move s on to positive solutions. Without it, problems remain problems. With its empowerment, problems becomes challenges to overcome. Its motto is: “Never give up (trying) and never give in (to negativity).

Being Better Together

When you are trying to juggle the kids, the home, the finances, the meals, and then find some time for each other, it “ain’t easy”. And by the time you do, he may know what he wants to do with you…. but neither of you know what to say…. outside of the next list of schedules and things to coordinate. And when he tries to relax with you the way he wants, did I get it correct? … sometimes this is the last thing you want to do. So now your have even less to say. You’re irritated. You might even yell at the kids, because, after all, why does everything have to be on your shoulders! Then he backs off, finds the TV better company….and bingo…you are stuck in the same cycle. 

Stuck on How to Forgive?

The process of healing of hurts is usually mutual. This is written for situations which may be attempted one-sidedly, and/or mutually. It can address the beginnings of exploring everyday little hurts, little trauma, core relationship traumas, and even “big-T” traumas in the spectrum of infidelity, affairs and other betrayals. This is only meant to be a summary, not the entire process. Please feel free to use it like a diagram or outline of steps you each may take to get out of “gridlock”, “dead-lock”, avoidance or giving up.

Family: Your Safe Place

The “Birdman of Alcatraz”, a convict-for-life who studied birds intensely in solitary and became the world’s expert on the subject, discovered that when a caged bird is threatened, it goes berserk if its cage is round. It goes round and round; it cannot find a corner to cringe in and feel safe. God made family to be our safe place.

Lesson One of Connect-Talk℠

Don’t give up. Jesus has a plan. He connects us with you, now you have to reach out to Him. He will give you His model of how to connect with your beloved and teach you personally. Without building on lesson One, you will be hampered in moving forward, much like a lonely emotional cripple. 

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Prayer for Peace & Hope

Prayer for Peace & Hope

Are you sick, or going through deep physical, emotional or spiritual suffering?  Is your marriage clashing or falling apart?  We have learned through Scripture that when a person offers their suffering to Jesus, especially when they unite it to Jesus' redemptive...

The Six Types of Affairs

The Six Types of Affairs

1)  Conflict avoidance affair:  "Peace at any price" leads to problems through the avoidance of relationship issues. 2)  Intimacy avoidance affair:  Hurt and difficulties with emotional intimacy lead to seeking it elsewhere. 3)  Sexual addiction affair:  The affair is...

Directional Counseling if One of You is Considering Divorce

Directional Counseling if One of You is Considering Divorce

When there is one partner "leaning into" the marriage and the other "leaning out", often engaging in all out couples counseling has shown to be ineffective.  I see this frequently connected to the thoughts and feelings one partner has where they are not ready or not...

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